Black Sea Network for
Regional Development
RAPIV Constanta Sevastopol Chisinau URENIO

Project BlasNet

The Project “Black Sea Network for Regional Development”, BlasNET under the JOP “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013”, has started. This Programme is within the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) of the European Union. The Consortium of the BlasNET Project is consisted of 5 partners, from 5 different regions, from the following countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine. 

Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations –Varna (RAPIV) from the North-East Region of Bulgaria is the Beneficiary of the Project. The other partners are Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Research Committee, Urban and Regional Innovation Research Unit (AUTH URENIO), Thessaloniki, Greece; SMEs Association of Constanta (PIMM), Romania; Organization for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Development (ODIMM) within the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Moldova; Agency of Economic Development of Sevastopol, (AEDS) Sevastopol, Ukraine. The Project duration is 24 months and the budget 492 085 Euro.

The BlasNET project is funded under Priority 1 of the Programme: “Supporting cross-border partnerships for economic and social development based on combined resources”.  The main objective of the Project is the establishment of Black Sea Network for Regional Development which will involve organizations that support SMEs (business development agencies, organizations representing SMEs, business incubators, branch chambers, as well as practicionners from universities and business, experienced in providing business support). The realization of this Network will contribute for raising the competitiveness of the SMEs from the Black Sea partner regions and their performance on the international markets, through increasing the potential and international relations of the regional stakeholders. The Network will create conditions for sustainable business information environment for SMEs from the Black Sea Basin region. 

Under the Project the SME sector on the Black Sea Basin territory will be analyzed in details. Sector analyses will be elaborated on the priority economic sectors for the Black Sea countries, like tourism, marine industry and ICT, with the collaboration of leading regional experts. These analyses will contribute for determining the needs of SMEs from supporting services and this will lay the grounds for the creation of the Black Sea Network for Regional Development. The Network will seek the support from the business representatives, as well as from other successful European networks, policy – makers and main regional and national stakeholders. The aim is to promote the interest of the business supporting and business making people to achieve closer communication and to develop new opportunities for mutual projects and activities among each other, on the territory of the Black Sea Basin Region. 

Several events, addressed top the business, administrations, NGOs and the academia are foreseen to be held in Varna (Bulgaria), Thessaloniki (Greece); Constanta (Romania), Chisinau (Moldova) and Sevastopol (Ukraine) as well as the creation of an interactive web portal for the presentation of the Network in the Internet.

Last updated: 02.10.2012
The Black Sea Basin Programme is co-financed by the European Union through the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.
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